Singing along to The Wedding Singer

It’s a classic film, set in 1985 and stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The Wedding Singer is one of those films I can watch over and over again. But how would the stage show compare?

It is always a good indication that a show is going to be good when you walk into a full theatre. A second indication is being surrounded by people who are talking about how their friend/mother/cousin etc  has seen the show at another theatre and loved it so “I just had to check it out.” Tick and tick for both of these.

The stage was set with a television screen showing extracts from films and adverts from the 80’s. I always love it when they show footage like this, it grabs my attention, and sets the scene. It felt like I was being transported back to the 80’s (even though I have no memory of the decade, having been born in 1985, when the show was set.)

wedding singer 4

This feeling carried on when the actors came out in the most amazing costumes! The glitter was in abundance, especially in Holly’s costume, for me the best character! She was played by Roxanne Pallett, an actress I remembered from Emmerdale, and more recently Dancing on Ice, a show I loved! Playing Holly she had to be gutsy, feisty and full of fun….something she pulled off with ease! She oozed confidence, and impressed me with a fantastic singing voice. He dance moves were also impressive – but then I knew she would be good at this as she won Dancing on Ice.


The Wedding Singer, aka Robbie Hart, is one of my favourite film characters, and Jon Robyns did not disappoint in the stage version. There was a particularly funny moment where he is singing a made up song after his fiancée has left him. Throughout the show you are really rooting for him to get together with Julia, played by Cassie Compton. She portrayed Julia exactly as I always thought of her – as a romantic girl, someone who you could be best friends with.


Ray Quinn also stars in the show, as Julia’s arrogant, idiot of a fiancée Glen. This role really showed off his versatility as an actor. I’ve seen him before in shows, where he has played the role of the nice guy, so to see him as the ‘bad’ character was quite refreshing. He was really good at it!


Finally the role of Rosie, Ronnie’s larger than life grandmother, was played by Ruth Madoc. She was hilarious, especially for her dance number towards the end of the show. I would love to have a grandmother like that!

If you are a fan of the film, the 80’s, glitter and fun then I would definitely recommend seeing The Wedding Singer, which is on at the Bristol Hippodrome until March 18th.

And just for fun, here are some of the key things that happened in the USA in 1985:

  • Super Mario Bros was launched by Nintendo.
  • Back to the Future was released in the summer, and becomes the most profitable film of 1985.
  • Madonna released Into the Groove – which sold over one million copies.
  • Roger Moore stars as James Bond for the last time in A View to Kill.





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