Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flies into Bristol Hippodrome.

A flying car, sweets that play a tune, dancing, catchy songs and lots of laughs. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Bristol Hippodrome certainly makes for a great evening out.

As a child I loved the film, and always dreamed of one day owning a flying car. I used to believe that cars really could fly, and couldn’t wait for the day when I could drive. Somehow driving around as an adult is not as exciting now that I know flying cars are not the norm!

I was very excited to see Chitty at the Hippodrome, and when you see that the lead character is played by Jason Manford you know that it will be funny. I love him as a comedian, and his posts about his family life on social media always have me giggling. But I wasn’t sure how he would play Potts. Could he even sing? The answer is yes he can, and well too! His rendition of Hushabye Mountain was perfect. And he certainly proved he had some moves during his dance to The Old Bamboo – that really brightened up a miserable January evening!!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Tour

For me two of the brightest stars in the play were the children, Finn Richards (Jeremy) and Emma Jane Shorrock (Jemima). It takes a lot of confidence to get up on stage and perform to a full house, but these two definitely had that. They were very talented, and one of the most enjoyable moments of the show was when they sang You Two with Manford. It was a lovely moment, with a loving family.

A particular highlight for me were the Vulgarian spies, played by Sam Harrison and Scott Paige.Their slapstick comedy, amusing costumes, and quirky one liners had the whole audience laughing. Especially the scene when they tried to be English gentlemen. And they worked well with the Baron and Baroness, played by Phill Jupitus and Claire Sweeney. These two were the perfect duo, and their rendition of Chu-Chi Face was also a highlight for me.

I have have to quickly mention the child catcher here – who was terrifying (even for me as an adult!) I did like the way that you always knew he was coming by the giant hand shadows that came down the wall those – they sent a bit of a chill down my spine!

I took my friends little girl along with me, and she loved it just as much as me. So the show gets a big thumbs up from a 31 year old and a 7 year old. If you are looking for a way to chase away the January blues get down to the Bristol Hippodrome now! The show is on until February 4th.



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