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It’s January 5th. This date usually means one thing – I’ve set myself a news years resolution that I will more than likely break in a few weeks. It always seems like something I should do, and the ones I set are usually the same old ones – be more organised, go to the gym more, eat less chocolate etc, etc. This year I really want to keep a resolution, and so I have pledged to blog more! So here is my revamped blog, named Life of Sparkle – because a life without sparkle is boring! This blog will include my random thoughts (and believe me they are random!), theatre and restaurant reviews, and news from Sunshine Hospital Radio and Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. My life is pretty full on, so I guarantee it won’t be boring!

We are only five days in, but already 2016 is looking good! The year started with a bigger bang than usual, as we let off two confetti cannons at our house. They shot hundreds of pieces of coloured tissue paper all over our lounge, and thanks to a certain someone (mentioning no names…..Natalie!) they got everywhere. In our bathroom, bedrooms and even our front garden. A few hours of cleaning the lounge was restored to normal though.

New Years Day also bought the fantastic news that I had been shortlisted for Female Presenter of the Year in the National Hospital Radio Awards. In 2013 I won gold in this category, and fancied having another stab at it this year. I am up against 9 other presenters from hospital radio stations across the country. Along with Marcus, another presenter on Sunshine Radio, we have also been shortlisted for Best Speech Package, for our feature on Great Western Air Ambulance Charity. Being the PR officer for this charity I thought I might as well kill two birds with one stone! The winners are announced at an award ceremony in Watford on March 19th, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

So a good first few days. I hope this continues for the rest of the year!



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